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We believe in business with purpose.




We believe in business with purpose.



The digital era holds unprecedented opportunities for businesses.

But, to leverage it you have to do things a little bit different:

  • Have an aspirational purpose 
  • Shape a culture that empowers people
  • Grow a brand from inside- out
  • Share your story in unconventional ways 

We help organisations on this new journey by focusing on 3 pillars: 



Compelling brands have a purpose. We start here. We work collaboratively with business leaders to shape their brands' unique and inspiring purpose, their Y.  The start for every successful brand in the digital era.


  • strategy and purpose

  • Digital Transformation

  • Brand strategy

  • creative Concepts 



Telling your story in an compelling, authentic and potentially unconventional way – whether it’s a celebration of your team’s diversity, a documentary about your suppliers or putting your greatest fans into the spotlight. Maybe we even turn your shops into a protest for your values. Exciting times. 

  • comms planning

  • Creative production

  • Content Production


  • Social MEDIA



Your brand lives outside your business as much as inside. Involve your people in shaping your brand’s story. Make them understand their role in this new era. We developed the Digital Advantage Programme to help organisations on this journey. 


  • Digital Advantage Programme

Y brand - Best copy.jpg

Our Recent Work





Our Recent Work






Winnie Bagoes Restaurant Chain, Christchurch

We focused on the team's dedication to quality and local suppliers and created an entirely new product category: #kiwipizza

Complete re-brand: from Brand Strategy, Communication Strategy, Content (Photo and Video production) design and even a team event





Mexicali Fresh, Auckland

Celebrating Women and Diversity on International Women's Day, 2017.

Concept, Strategy and Activation, Content Marketing,  Social Media

Featured in Idealog & Stoppress 




Buy One Give One 

Eat My Lunch

Selling lunches and catering products to help Kiwi Kids in need. Buy One Give One.

Digital Strategy, Social Media and Digital Performance Campaign




Tuesday On The Beach Ltd. 

Gustav, the Activity Based Workers' new best friend. Building and launching an international brand from scratch.

RED DOT Design Award winner 2018.

Best Award Finalist 2017.

Featured in Australian Design Review, Lifehacker, Idealog, BizEdge


Culture Diversity

Mexicali Fresh, New Zealand

Celebrating 5 de Mayo with their Mexican staff members and celebrate a culture of diversity and inclusion. Brand Strategy, Concept, Art Direction, Video Production, Social Media

Featured in Stoppress and M+AD


Why us?




Why us?




We are a senior team of strategists and creatives that helps create your unique concept and story. Our hybrid model means we can help produce through our own network of creators and producers, leaders in their categories, or work with your current partners and team. This unique business model allows us to fully focus on the best solution for your brand.

Today’s market place is so competitive. Why would people choose you? Today it is less about high profiles, but what you mean to society, and what you believe in. Having a purpose is about a bigger picture of where you want to go with the company.
— Conor Kerlin, Founder and Owner, Mexicali Fresh.

Y Brands

Y Brands

We are located in GridAKL Innovation Precinct, Wynyard Quarter, 101 Pakenham Street West,  Auckland