Leverage your Digital Advantage


Digital technology is changing our business world. The speed of disruption can be overwhelming for leaders as well as their teams. Today, transforming your business is crucial no matter what industry your are in, and encompasses all business units. Digital is not a niche anymore. Every business needs to evolve.

To make most of digital and technology, you need to get the entire business on board.  This means, every person in your business needs to know Digital fundamentals and principles. Only this way, they can lead the change in their specific role and area.

Every business is different.  Our tailor made Digital Advantage Programme meets people at their current skill levels, and delivers the content relevant for each business or industry.


Digital Transformation starts with your people


To have long term impact with a training programme, we know that it is not enough to learn the basics. You need to a empower people to step up, share learnings and grow in confidence. That's why capabilities are the basis, but we don't stop there. Most digital training involves the theory and then leaves the business to integrate it into daily practices. We believe there is a better way.

Our methodology is based on 3 pillars: 

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Learning by doing


Digital Advantage Training focuses on growing digital capabilities, confidence and culture. We bring digital to life in practical, interactive exercises and projects. We grow confidence through mentoring and set up the a framework to drive a culture of knowledge sharing. 

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Digital Advantage - Example programme framework 


  1. Pre-Assessment: we take our time to get to know your people, their current capabilities and confidence. Based on the status-quo, we craft a programme that suits your business needs.

  2. Development: the tailor made programme focuses on your core priorities and industry. We include practical frameworks that can be integrated into the day to day work and used as best practice. 

  3. Facilitation: typically, a two day programme is a good timeframe for the first part of the programme. We build the capabilities with teaching fundamentals and use interactive exercises to build confidence in a save environment.

  4. Mentoring: the second part involves challenging each individual with a project that helps bringing digital to life in their day to day job. Our digital strategists and experts will mentor them along the way. 

  5. Workshop: the third part involves a workshop - together we work on initiatives that help transform your business ongoing - i.e. we set up initiatives to foster a digital culture of knowledge sharing and putting digital first.


We provide custom made training for any size of businesses. Leave us a message and we will be in touch shortly.

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Fabulous programme, I wish it would have been with us sooner!
— Vijai, Fairfax Media
*Training included digital programme in collaboration with IAB.