Make any space your space


The way we work is changing.

Modern office design is based around the concepts of Activity Based Working (ABW) and hot-desking, while the number of freelancers in co-working spaces has been rising significantly for more than a decade. But while the flexibility of the modern workplace offers many advantages to the employee, this means less people have a fixed desk at work. This does present its own difficulties. Firstly, the very practical challenge of moving essential and personal items from place to place and storing them while not in the office or at a desk.  And secondly, the more emotional issue that many workers feel disconnected from their workplace when they don’t have a dedicated space to call their own.

Enter Gustav. The Activity Based Worker’s new best friend. 

With its combination of practical solutions and minimalist aesthetics Gustav is the answer to the modern, flexible office worker’s new challenges, allowing them to make any space their own.

Y brand have been involved in building the product and brand from scratch. We knew Gustav is more than a product. It was important to reflect its core purpose: to support people in dynamic times. We invented Gustav - the flexible worker's new best friend in the office. 

Y brand build the entire brand -starting with the name, brand identity, creative concept, to the logo, images, videos, website and any physical or digital communication. We then planned the launch.

After a successful launch in New Zealand, we are helping the company grow into the world. Run Gustav, run!

Gustav's launch has been covered at New Zealands leading innovation magazine Idealog and start up magazine BizEDGE NZ.

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